Men in Healthcare Support Equality for Women in the Workplace. But Being an “Ally” Involves Taking Action

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Women make up 79% of the Health Service Executive (HSE) workforce. However, women are still underrepresented in healthcare leadership. Greater diversity in healthcare leadership, particularly greater representation of women, is essential to ensure diverse perspectives and ideas inform policies and priorities.

Improving gender representation in the workplace benefits all stakeholders within the organisation. It is good for workplace culture, professional development, individual growth, society, and the financial bottom line. Despite the growth in understanding and support from male colleagues, greater awareness and action is still needed.

“Male allies at work are a critical component of diversity and gender equity efforts within an organisation”.

6 Ways Men Can Act as an Ally?

  1. Become a diversity champion -Become more vocal about your support for promoting women’s leadership in healthcare
  2. Self-analysis -Ask yourself have you done enough? How can you better support women within your department and organisation?
  3. Promote gender equality -Become more involved in workplace programs and education that support gender inclusion
  4. Listen to your female colleagues experiences and ideas -Allow a space for real discussion
  5. Become a mentor -provide guidance, motivation, drive change and make an impact
  6. Educate yourself -truly understand the inequities that women face in healthcare leadership

Learn more about how acting as an ally, you can further support your female colleagues in healthcare leadership. Join us at the Grit Female Leaders in Healthcare Summit-Leading for Change.

Listen to your colleagues experiences as female leaders within healthcare and consider how you can support and implement the change needed.


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