Isabel Cabruja

Isabel Cabruja

Senior Director Commercial Operations / International Markets at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Milan, Italy

Isabel Cabruja, Senior Director International and Markets Commercial Operations–Clinical Diagnostics Division at Thermo Fisher Scientific, has extensive expertise of diagnostics sector with focus on clinical research/diagnostics, sales, strategic market assessment, product development, promotion, and positioning, market/strategic analysis, business development, financials, territory expansion.

Isabel joined Thermo Fisher Scientific, Milan, Italy since December 2018 and currently leading the International commercial operations within the Clinical Diagnostics Division business Unit, while supervising corporate accounts management and region channel partners.

Before taking over her position at Thermo Fisher Scientific, she led the Shimadzu Italia, Milan, Italy as Managing Director/CEO. Prior to that, she worked as a business advisor to the board of two multinational companies for their strategic growth and development of their worldwide settings in the clinical and analytical lab business.

She is a Past Global Business Director of the PerkinElmer Human Health (Turku, Finland - Waltham, USA – Monza, Italy) and has led the deployment of the first POC HIV test kit in Latin America and subsequently worldwide. She accomplished a successful creation of the HIV p24 Ag kit for early detection of the viral load and prevention of mother to child viral transmission and its commercial deployment in Asia & Pacific, China, Africa, and Latin American markets.