Professor Sarah Wamala Andersson

Professor Sarah Wamala Andersson

Grit Board Member and Professor of Health and Welfare Technology at Mälardalen University, Sweden

Professor Sarah Wamala Andersson currently serves as the Professor of Health and Welfare Technology, at Mälardalen University in Sweden.

Sarah is the founder and leader of Research group: PREVIVE Health and Welfare Technology Research Group, which stands for Policy, Reimbursement, Evidence, Implementation, Value and Effectiveness in Health and Welfare Technology interventions. Link: university/research/research-areas/previve

Sarah´s passion is to generate and use evidence to fast-track digital transformation that is effective, inclusive, and sustainable in ways that make lives better and contribute to socioeconomic development.

Sarah is the principal investigator of several international and national projects related to implementation of digital health solutions and their effectiveness from a user perspective based on co-creation methodologies.

Sarah serves on several international expert panels related to new digital technologies and innovations in health and care systems. Sarah has a multidisciplinary academic training from several international universities (PhD, medical sciences, Karolinska Institutet), Master´s degree (biostatistics/epidemiology) from Stockholm university, Cambridge School of Public Health (UK) and Tufts University (USA) and bachelor’s degree (economics) from Makerere university (Uganda).

Sarah has also completed a Post-doc at the University of Otago, Wellington School of Medicine (New Zealand) and the Stanford Executive Program at Stanford Business Graduate School (USA).

Sarah has long multi-professional experiences and has held several scientific and executive management roles in research-driven public organizations and pharmaceutical industry. Sarah has previously the Swedish government as Director General of the Swedish National Institute of Public Health, Professor of Health policy at Karolinska Institutet, and as Principal research scientist at multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Sarah has supervised several PhD and Master students and has published over 70 scientific articles in peer-reviewed international scientific journals, several books, conference papers, reports and public debate articles.